A new school needs new teachers

Creating a new school culture places great demands on school management, organisation and teachers. Pioneering courage, commitment, patience and perseverance are important elements for success. All the participants are exposed and are also criticised from their own ranks, on the part of parents or authorities.

Joyful charisma and courageous steps are always needed to inspire and invite teacher colleagues, friends, parents, people of the state institutions and interested parties to participate in this project.

The teachers, as well as the people around the organisation of the nature school, must also have the courage and the joy to „go back to school“ itself in a new way, because they are like the pupils still learning and inwardly preparing themselves to be able to provide the appropriate life and learning space. Because one can only pass on to others what one has internalised. Thus the pupils learn from the teachers and the teachers from the pupils.

Currently, one female teacher and five male teachers are at school. Ms. Ritu, Mr. Deepak, Mr. Dinesh, Mr. Bipin, Mr. Kuldeep , Mr. Vinod . Ms. Ruchi Devi supports the teachers and accompanies the children in dance and play.