Matmari drawing with artist Mikhael

This blog was sent to us by Mikhael Bouvetier, artist from France and his partner Angelika Strassberger.
Both were visiting the nature school as guest teachers in March 2019 and had the art of Matmari original language as well as mantras and exercises in their luggage for the children and teachers. It was a very interesting lesson for the teachers and pupils and shows once again that this school uses new teaching impulses for the holistic development of the children.

We hope you enjoy reading this very lively blog.

For me to arrive in PAURI has always been a journey between the worlds. It is as if this land from another world has laid down on earth.

After sunrise we saw the courtyard of the school filling with children full of joy; some quickly climbed the stairs to get rid of their luggage, others reached for the ball. At 8:30 a.m. they immediately gathered in rank for the call of the six teachers and started singing mantras under the guidance of 4 of their comrades.

First astonishment: after the children had reached their class like flocks of birds we were led into the different classes and each pupil stood up one by one and said his name. It was incredibly fast, colourful and touching. And I should decide which of these six classes would get the drawing lessons!  Quick decision made: we, Angelika and I, will divide into two classes.

The task was to draw the forms of the primordial language Matmari in their diversity and liveliness. All forms in this world were created from these forms of power; and not only the figures but also all languages, among others Sanskrit, were born from them.

The first letters appeared on the blackboard and each student drew and learned to form and repeat these forms.

With what zeal and willingness, with what interest and devotion these forms were drawn. We had trouble following and Angelika and I went from one class to another to follow this zeal.
In the beginning the teachers were there and translated to Hindi, then they have withdrawn more and more
Drawing in this way was strange to them and no one knew what it would serve for. We realized that something more was expected of us.

In the afternoon Mister Deepak gave us the idea to gather all the students in the big hall and teach them all at the same time.

The teachers became very inventive to organize everything and also to find enough drawing paper. Everyone found a place, the little ones in the front and the big ones in the back. This time we also gave drawing paper to the teachers and when the pupils got their task, the older ones had these forms of the Matmari in their hands for the first time. That was a step in a good direction.
The day after we were invited to the yoga class. All students learn yoga under the guidance of Mister Deepak. Angelika was invited this time to show exercises that we had learned directly from Shin’s seminar.

In the afternoon we got a visit from Rohit. Together with the teachers we hat a conversation. It was really necessary to talk to each other in order to give information about this teaching of the Matmari. A little later Rohit said to me: “You are the manager and you have to train your whole team and inform them exactly about what you want. Communication is in demand!
After school we had an appointment with four teachers.
At 6 pm Mr. Dinesh came and invited us to his school class. That was the class for the youngest and the school desks were accordingly small! The other teachers soon joined us and so we sat at those tables like the seven dwarves. Paper and pens were distributed and they began to draw. First with open eyes then with closed eyes, just like their pupils had drawn in the morning.
With the experiences the interest increased and the questions came, warm and wise. “These letters of the Matmari live as a process in the human organism, forming the organs and holding their forms through life.
We remember and call these forces back to work by drawing them in a certain sequence. After a while we can experience that these forms draw themselves and shape themselves according to their laws. These letters are living forms,” I explained.

Often we also changed the teaching and Angelika was able to lead mantras and songs which the children sang with great power and grace. Shin also showed us special sequences of mudras especially for children, which we all performed together.

It is kindness for mankind to be allowed to work again with these forces of the primordial language Matmari. They are connected with the different streams of the Kundalini and stimulate them in a natural and healthy way.
We owe the re-introduction of this teaching to Shin and Pauri is predestined to implement such a pioneer teaching.

For the last lesson after the drawing we asked the children what they would like to do with us now. It was clearly yoga and singing mantras. The ‚javelin throwing‘ exercise brought joy to everyone as the teachers and students alike learned from us. We were always amazed at the joy and bravura with which the children stood to give their best.

After this last lesson Mr. Vinod told us that the children had told him of their joy to invite us to the Holy Festival. We were able to feel this joy skin-close and especieally close to our hearts!

We have been so rewarded that our gratitude has no words left and we let these photos speak for us.

Mikhael and Angelika