The earth is the home school and master for us humans. Mankind has its basis of life in the nature. Thus all areas of life are incorporated in the integral learning as well as the whole nature with her different realms and forces. The more the human comes to unity with the earth, with all beings, with all creatures – nothing is excluded in that process – the more joy, life, power and the more meaning of life and aim in life experiences the human inside.

Plenty of this knowledge has got lost.

It is necessary to keep this natural knowledge in children vivid. Children can learn cheeringly, explore marveling, realise affectionately. This must be encouraged and strengthened intensely in future, because this desire in learning in and with the nature is vital for the charisma of the young person.

Learning with and from the nature, which is the original living environment, causes an enhancement, a development in the human. Basic elements of the lessons are to learn the creative and integral principles, to study, to explore, to be able to apply them in everyday life.

The children plant as soon as in the first class trees and adopt several of them, they learn to lay out a small vegetable garden. In the higher classes it’s planned to concentrate the focus upon land irrigation, agriculture and dendrology, cistern construction and soil protection.

This means, that the development of young people is encouraged who are conscious of the earth in her entirety and contribute by their individual and free education intensely in the preservation of this planet.