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Our school project depends on the support of people who believe in changes and support them with their possibilities.

There are different possibilities to help. You can support us with a donation, for example for a specific project or running costs, or with a donation which we can use for generally accruing costs. Or you are actively involved in our project, for example, with creative donation campaigns or as a translator.

If you have questions about donations, please check the FAQs below and if your question is not answered, feel free to contact us, we are pleased to help you! Phone +49 (0) in 7506 9517983 or email

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding donations.

Which payment options are available to me?

You can donate by transfer in Swiss franc or euro to one of the bank accounts of the association Pan Terra in Switzerland or to the German bank account of our long-term partner and non-profit association Freund der Völker e.V.

Quick and easy can be donated by Paypal, a secure payment method that offers direct debit, credit card and GiroPay. Please note that we have to pay fees for each donation made via Paypal.

What happens to my donation?

You can support the nature school in India with a regular or one-time donation. The donation will directly benefit the desired project or purpose for which you decide. If the donations for a particular project exceed the required amount, they are used for other urgent costs around the school. With a donation not tied to a purpose, you support where help is most needed.

Will my donation really benefit the project?

The benefit of the public of the Shin Shiva Charitable Trust is recognized by the Indian state and is reviewed every six months. Dilbar Singh Parihar, the Managing Director of the trust, is personally liable. Administrative costs and salaries for the management of the trust are not paid by donations. Only costs directly attributable to the project can be settled.

In Europe, the entire work is done voluntarily. At least once a year, interested people and voluntary employees fly to India at their own expense to convince themselves personally of the progress or to cooperate.

Advertising campaigns are usually taken over by sponsors or by people from our own ranks. Donations are rarely used for this purpose.

To which account can I transfer a donation?

Switzerland and other foreign countries
We have separate accounts for transfers in Swiss franc and euro.
Account holder: Verein Pan Terra
Relief organisation India
St. Galler Kantonalbank, St. Gallen
City: St. Gallen
Bank code: 78162

Swiss franc account: 6206.4866.2001
IBAN: CH79 0078 1620 6486 6200 1

Euro account: 6206.4866.2003
IBAN: CH25 0078 1620 6486 6200 3

Reference: „Nature School India“

Account holder: Verein Freund der Völker e.V.
Sparkasse Allgäu
IBAN: DE69 7335 0000 0514 7674 66
Swift code: BYLADEM1ALG
Reference: „Nature School India“

Donation receipts are only possible via the German account and only for donors from Germany.

I would like to make a donation with Paypal, what has to be considered?

Quick and easy can be donated by Paypal, a secure payment method that offers direct debit, credit card and GiroPay. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, you can donate by credit card.
Our Paypal account is maintained in Swiss francs.

Before you make the donation, the conversion amount will be displayed in your currency.

How do I receive a donation receipt?

Donation receipts are only possible via the German account of Freund der Völker e.V. and only for donors from Germany.

Donations within Germany are tax deductible according to § 10b EStG. Please note that donation receipts are only issued with a donation amount of 200 euro and more. In the case of donations up to 200 euro, the proof of receipt or the account statement is sufficient as proof of taxation for the tax office. A donation receipt is not necessary. For a yearly donation amount of at least 200 euro to the non-profit, German association Freund der Völker e.V (Friend of the Peoples), you will automatically receive a year‘s donation receipt in February of the following year, if you have specified your address.

Thank you very much for your trust and your support on behalf of our team and all the staff of the nature school project!