Previously, man had learned with the whole organism, not only with the mind. What he has learned has been written into the muscles, into the bones and developed further.

Linguistic ability is an imagined, felt, wanted word in the sound. Nowadays we have to be alert of „loss of language“, impoverishment of language and the ability to think.

In many cases, this loss results from a lesser relationship to environment and to nature, because it also impoverishes man.

By concentrating the power of thinking and speaking in a way that is friendly to life, a vibration develops to help getting free of fears.

Overall curriculum for now and for the future

This school is grounded on Indian school culture, but brings young and new impulses for a powerful, peaceful and happy future.

The teaching methods and subjects are meant to be grounded on the best possible level of education. At the same time the teaching is opening up new ways in order to enable the young to develop as many capacities as possible.

Currently, early childhood and elementary school classes are held with six classes and 76 children.

Sports, game, yoga, singing, dancing, preservation of the arts, crafts, spirituality, English, garden and tree maintenance are part of the lessons.

The following teaching elements were created by the founding father and initiator SHIN.

  • languages for all children – Sanskrit, the most important language of the Indian culture, Hindi, English
  • optional languages – German, French, Russian, Arabian, Egyptian
  • preserve and guard the Indian culture
  • unfolding creativity: chant, music, poesy,
  • dance gymnastic, yoga as Basis
  • free and special exercises for body and spirit, dance creation, traditional arts of fighting and self-defence
  • knowledge about planting and maintenance of trees, herbs and plants from the Region
  • religion and spiritualty which is following the principle of heaven and earth, astronomy
  • teaching of handcraft with wood, stone, loam etc.