The teaching methods and subjects are meant to be grounded on the best possible level of education. At the same time the teaching is opening up new ways in order to enable the young to develop as many capacities as possible.

Furthermore, during the building measures it is also taken care of good and stable, earthquake-proof quality.

Cheap construction methods are avoided deliberately to guarantee the preservation of the school for many generations. More fotos you will find here.

The facade and the foundation were built with natural stones. Carbometum, an additive which improves the bioenergetic quality of concrete, was mixed into the concrete.

Carbometum is provided free of charge, donated by the laboratory Karl Grieder in Rünenberg /Switzerland. More Information at www.carbometum.ch


Integral Learning is part of the design and the basic element of the school. The used colors correspond to the cosmic principles and create optimal conditions for the students and the universal teaching.