Children know what they want.

Learning joyfully cheering,
exploring playfully,
allowing free play to the enthusiasm for the living,
learning with the whole organism and not only with the mind,
to be able to unfold freely all abilities, potentials and powers.

It is our duty to make this possible for the children.

What is different at the nature school PARAMARTH AWADHAWAN?

Integral Learning

Learning with the Nature

Joy in Learning

Founding Father and Initiator

„We have to strive relative quickly and as sustainable as possible for NEW IMPULSES IN THE SCHOOL! The children integrate into daily life what they are learning.“

14 Years of Pioneer Work


76 children in 6 classes

Supporter and friends

Friends from 17 countries are involved

Planting trees

Over 900 trees planted together with children

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Construction & Development

Album Construction & Development

Chat out of School

Album Chat out of School

Nature & Culture

Album Nature & Culture

Opening of Hall March 2017

Album Opening March 2017