We and Our Idea

The change and a connected storm of lots of amendments are accelerating continuously. Many people in the daily working drive are overwhelmed and the number of patients suffering from “burn-out symptom” is increasing at all ages and working fields. All this, what is already expected from children and youngsters, is leading to stress, upraising and flight from life.

Nature is wasted in many areas in a dishonorable manner, however, even the human is consuming himself in this steady transmission in a degrading way. In the future the children have to live with this earth we give them!
Unilateral living and behavior call us to bethink, to bring new and healthy ideas back into life.

With this nature school in India we like to set an example, a seed, and want to advocate with plenty of pleasure, courage and endurance and in a harmonic and dynamic way so this seed will bloom and bear fruits.

Together and with joined forces we like to stand up for an education, which encompasses the whole complexity of the nature of mankind. We establish a new culture of schooling with different teachings, which will help the children to evolute and to raise their own gifts and talents.

The school wants to emphasize the subject “nature is the basis of our life”, which includes to dignify the earth anew, to show the young people how they can interact with the so far rich earth in an appreciating way and how one can learn from, with and in nature.

Children and young people need our help eminently, because they integrate into daily life what they are learning.

The nature school PARAMATH AWADHAWAN in Northern India wants to follow a healthy and recuperating philosophy, with an education that offers vitality and the art and the sense of life to the young and later grown humans.