Joy in Learning

Children, all children in fact, are born with an unbelievable delight for own discovery and creation. It is essential to preserve this treasure.

The more joy and learning pleasure can be aroused, the deeper and more fruitful can the experience penetrate into the essence of man as a skill. A character that is confident and content, a human with reliable power, with a charisma of natural and noble joy and freedom will soon become an invigorating well in its environment.

The predominant learning with the head is onesided “food” that does not really feed, because it does not fulfill the true longings. Children need “integral nutrition,” that means spiritual, mental, ethereal nutrition instead of grafting things into them.

Children want to deal with quite lively and practical things, so that their creative and inventive powers can unfold themselves.

The child should be able to learn „capabilities for life“ in accordance with his / her true being and inner development.

Childlike learning is Integral Learning and this is a jubilation for the I-AM, the true essence of man. Man become what you are!