Location – Why in India

The land for the construction of the school was donated to the Shin Shiva Charitable Trust by the family Singh Parihar, residents of Dhmond.

This school is built in a region where the people are hard-working, striving for wisdom and learning, but where also much help for self-help is needed. This mountain culture will be threatened to perish, when nothing is done and no help for self-help is granted.

Cultures are more and more suppressed and destroyed and because of that, humanity is losing essential components of this holy science. India has a so far unbroken culture which is 5000 to 7000 years old and unique on this earth. It is very meaningful for the entire development on earth that this culture survives and is taken to the next era.

So, India offers an ideal soil for the seed of a new and integral school education with is initial and unchanging cultural stream. As you can explore and read everywhere in nature, only a well-prepared soil offers adequate protection for seeds so that the flourishing, blossoming and bearing fruit of the plant can take place according to its purpose. This all-embracing and overall principle has an effect on all areas of life.