The people in this area live very simply and in close connection with nature. Shortly before the end of colonial rule the once lush forests were cut down, bringing resultant drought and soil erosion.

Living exclusively from the fields is hardly possible anymore for many families, so the men look for work in further distant cities. Women and children are not able to do the work on the soil by themselves. Therefore, the areas which have been won for agriculture and the terrace cultivation is increasingly being lost. Thus the plant knowledge gathered over thousands of years is falling away.

The parents are very grateful that their children can attend this school free of charge. Request among other parents is growing steadily.

During the construction of the expanding building, the parents actively helped to advance the school. In the case of cultural festivities, the mothers enthusiasticly sew festive clothing for the performances of the children. And all parents take part in the school events with pleasure.

It takes appropriate preparation of the fathers and mothers as well as of the teachers, in order to deal with the “new” children appropriately. So this school is also a great learning field for the parents. All companions of the children, be they the teachers or parents, must have the goal of behaving in such a way that the most beautiful, truest and best, which are the disposition, can unfold in the child.