Yoga, Body Exercises & Dance

Yoga, body exercises and dance are important components of the lessons. The accordance of breath and movement effects an increasing union of the being with itself and a new power of entirety arises.

The art to finely tune up oneself by the triple use of the tools singing, dance and language are main parts of integral learning.

Consciously tensing and loosening the body’s muscles results in finer and finer relation with oneself. The child thereby lives increasingly and better and better in itself. It’s a careful and gentle care for the own body.

An important element is to examine the own language and to observe and learn by listening to understand the language as a creative instrument.

This helps the child to increase the trust in itself. Play in terms of integral learning is practiced continuously and freely with dance, in the nature, with things or the word. This shows the child a way to let arise the „natural Sacred“ in itself.