Integral Learning

Integral learning is a continuous process in the universe, in which all being and all intelligence participate in a receiving and giving way.

The child is still intimately interwoven with this great integral life-flow. It lives in a world of its own, in which it learns with pleasure joyfully and well, and makes its experiences, which the child integrates completely on its own into further life.

It is a constant research, wondering, trying out, getting to know, comprehending, remembering, grasping, by which the child gets to know him-/herself and understands the world more in its entirety.

Everyone can travel through his own organism as through the world. If man learns to perceive the inner world more consciously, then it is also possible for him to perceive the outer world better.

Everyone carries within a message with which he has come to earth with his abilities, talents and powers. He carries in himself what he has brought along, and it is originally his predisposition to offer it, to be creative and to care with others for the earth and all beings.

The children are to be shown ways to create the „natural sacred“ in themselves.