Projects and Running Costs

In our school new purchases are necessary regularly, the construction is still in progress, the children need clothes, food and medical care. Below you can learn about our most urgent challenges as well as examples of running costs. We are pleased about every support which comes from the heart, regardless how big or small! If you want to know how you can make a donation, you can find all necessary information on the page Donate now.

Rainwear and functional clothing for all students

Donation status 4%

2500 Euro for Rainwear and functional clothing for 76 students
100 Euro have already been donated

We also want to find new ways for this theme to counteract the general plastic trend and cheap clothing, which is produced in huge textile factories under indescribable conditions.
Children want to be outside the whole year and turing all weathers to play and learn. Several manufacturers prove that even rainwear can be produced fairly and free of plastic and harmful substances. On top of that, these products are not only of excellent quality but also much more durable.

The costs for this are of course higher, but in the end good clothing protects the children, the earth and nature and in the long run the price will certainly pay off. Donate now


Trees for Planting

Dryness and lack of water is a problem in India. If many trees are planted, nevertheless, the climate can change.
The children also learn during the lessons to protect and watch the earth, while every child adopts several trees as a godfather and takes care for these trees.
10 trees cost 30 euro.

30 euro

Medical Care

Regular medical camps are a great help for the surrounding population. Many people come on these days, to consult and treat themselves in health questions free of charge. Two physicians and drugs are available.
Expenses for one medical camp 200 euro.

200 euro

Meals for All Children

The children get daily a free warm lunch. This allows regulated meals and a healthy, well-balanced food to the children. The children enjoy very much to eat daily in common round.
Food for one month per child 10 euro.

10 euro

Shoes and Clothing

Uniform clothes help the children to feel equal no matter from which caste or family they are. We can also pay attention that natural textiles are purchased. All children receive shoes and clothing free of charge.
Shoes and uniform per child cost yearly 30 euro.

30 euro

Stones for Construction

The outer walls of the school are built with natural stones in manual labour. Every stone is fitted by hand. This is a traditional hand work from Gharwal. For the new building with big hall, rooms for staff and guests 15,000 euro for the construction costs are still not funded. Every donation for a single stone (3 euro each) helps.

3 euro


You can support our main projects like salaries for the teachers, monthly expenses for a child, monthly meals for children and teachers, maintenance for the school bus etc., with a project sponsorship.

With a monthly contribution starting from 30 euro you contribute to a long-term financing of the nature school in India. This will improve the life of children and their families with lasting effect.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we are pleased to help! Phone +49 (0)7506 9517983 or email