Funding and Cost Estimate

The project of the nature school India is funded by the „Shin Shiva Charitable Trust“, a charitable organisation in India which is accredited by the government and examined twice a year. An office of the trust is located in the town Sirasu (near Gular) in 2 to 3 hours drive distance. The school project in Pauri is supervised and coordinated from this office.

The trust depends on donations and cooperation of the people and organisations who help to support the project idea. The „Shin Shiva Charitable Trust“ in India gladly confirms the receipt of donations and benefits.

The current cost estimate budgets the following positions for the next time:


For what?How much?
Per student20 euro
Meals for children and teachers450 euro
Teacher6x 250 euro
Assistant / caretaker2x 100 euro
Cook1x 100 euro
Gardener1x 100 euro
Clerk1x 100 euro
school bus390 euro


For what?How much?
School uniforms and shoes30 euro per student
Books and school material30 euro per student
Maintenance of existing buildings and water pipe1,200 euro
Medical camps two times per year400 euro
Authorities, fees and taxes900 euro


For what?How much?
Rebuilding present schoolhouse for 6 big classrooms15,000 euro
Open building costs for hall, teacher house and guest house15,000 euro
Construction of the university buildingone million euro