Wool sweaters for all students

by Susanne Ganns

At the beginning of January we received for the first time – and to the great joy of our Indian friends – pictures of a snowy splendour at the school. For 12 years we have never seen snowfall at the nature school.

So we were all very happy that we had the money for the pure wool sweaters together and that the sweaters reached the children in time.

We thank all the donors from the bottom of our hearts
who so spontaneously and generously responded to our appeal,
so that this could be realized so quickly.

But the purchase turned out to be more difficult than usual here in Germany. Pure wool sweaters are a rarity in India. Rohit had to obtain several offers and even had to have the sweaters tested to see if they were really pure wool.

At the same time we also informed teachers and parents about the care and advantages of wool.
We are very pleased that all the information “about how ecological clothing affects people and how it helps protect our planet and revitalizes crafts” has an impact on children and families. 

Together we decided to buy red sweaters because

– The color is less sensitive.

– The red of the uniforms corresponds.

– Red as a colour also has a warming character.



So we can now send you all the picture of the children in their woolly splendour and wish you much joy with it.

Concerning the sweaters for our teachers and helpers of the school we are still talking to some companies and have asked them for donations of sweaters. Keep your fingers crossed that this will still be possible.

Wool carpets for the hall

At the same time, at the beginning of January 2020, it was finally possible to purchase wool carpets for the Great Hall. This had been on the agenda for a long time and urgently so that the children could have it warm and comfortable on their feet, abdomen and kidneys when playing or sitting, during yoga exercises or lessons.

Thanks again for all your heartly help.