Art and Nature – Donation box on tour

By Susanne Ganns

“Necessity Makes Invention”.
To start an attractive advertisement for the nature school and at the same time to invite people to donate, I decided to send a big donation box on tour.

But in order to be able to give people something in return for their donation, a suitable idea was needed.
So I used the long winter evenings to paint works of art in the form of greeting cards, caskets, mirrors and much more.

The motto “Art and Nature” was chosen to suit the nature school, as these topics are also important subjects in the nature school.
Furthermore, it seemed valuable to revive ancient painting techniques and so dot painting artworks from the Australian Aboriginal culture were created. At the same time I discovered by chance the over 5000-6000 years Encaustic painting technique from Egypt for me.

Dot painting truly brings it to the point and also brings the painter into the present at every point. A wonderful painting art of the Aboriginals from Australia, which lends a three-dimensional depth to the pictures. These pictures are dotted with simple wooden sticks of different thicknesses.

I also brought the Dotpainting to the children of the nature school in March 2018 and the children had a gigantic joy and have doted with lots of fun.

Encausticers were painters in ancient Egypt who painted only at places of pharaohs. This art was also described as an art of the gods, since they were painted with fire and wax. Hardly any art of painting is as durable as this wax painting.

Even today these pictures are painted with hot wax. However, the technique has changed a bit. Small irons with which the coloured wax blocks are melted serve as brushes and creative tools for contemporary art. An art of painting where you can let your imagination run wild and have a lot of pleasure.

All works of art are unique and have been on tour with the wandering Donations Box since February 2019. Until the end of 2019, she will change her stay every month and in this way reach many new people and hopefully inspire many of them for the school.

Many thanks for your support
When the artist Mrs. Monika Romer heard about the “donation-Box-on tour”, where Encaustic wax paintings are sold, she spontaneously decided to send me a big box with Encautic materials together with the Encaustic-Academy and Creativ Point. I was very happy about this donation and was able to paint a lot of cards for sale.

The following companies have so far agreed to grant the donation box a “residence permit” for a few weeks.

Natural hairdresser Allgäu, Amtzell near Wangen –

Natural products Kellenberger, Walzenhausen in Switzerland –

veterinary practice Dr. Albus, Waltenhofen/Allgäu –

At the moment the donation box stands
in the health food shop Biooase in Lindau – Bio-Oase-Lindau

We would like to thank you very much for your willingness to support the nature school in this way.

And we are very happy that we have already received € 1100.