Planting trees after the forest fire

by Susanne Ganns

All of us – the children, the school team and the teachers – would like to thank all of us from the bottom of our hearts for the many small and large spontaneous donations that were received immediately after the forest fire report.
Many were very concerned about this news and felt with us. It is very good for us all to know that there are many “out there” who stand behind our work and support us with heart and deed.

Meanwhile, the monsoon with several rainfalls has already beautifully greened the country again and partially healed the traces of the fire. It has also been shown that nature never gives up, because some heavily burnt trees showed tender shoots again.

And just as nature shows, all the children and the entire school team have decided to plant trees again around the school and never give up to stand up for life.

As this picture shows, the children love trees and they are their friends. What a great meeting place!!

These following video films may clarify how important the trees are for the pupils and teachers.

Due to the fact that several tree donations were received, 20 trees could already be planted on the first school day. With great enthusiasm, the teachers and school assistants each formed a small group with the students.

Bhogin R. Kellenberger joined in and took pictures of this planting campaign for all of us.

And then it started. With shovel and rake and much joy everyone marched to the places around the school to plant the new trees.

At the end of July 2018 another planting campaign with 185 trees took place

After the forest fire the school team had also informed the government and told the authorities that during the past years the children had taken their future into their own hands by planting trees over and over again and that this work was now mostly destroyed by the fire.

As a result, the state of Pauri subsidised a contribution to the 185 trees and with the help of this subsidy and the generous donations of our friends in Germany and Europe, it was possible to undertake this large plantation.

Many thanks to all helpers!
It is simply encouraging to be supported in this way.


Long-term planning - five-stage planting

Mr. Rappl and his company have already taken the first steps in order to ensure a expedient and sustainable greening of the area around the school in the future. Mr. Rappl will sponsor the irrigation system for the school and the components for this system should be delivered this year. Talks with the Indian Embassy are already underway.

Furthermore, during the installation of the irrigation system, a humus supply is planned to ensure a good start for the trees and plants.

At the beginning of the campaign in 2019, half-height bushes and ground cover with thick fleshy leaves – which can store the water well – and ferns will be planted to provide shade. At the same time, places for trees with mulch are kept free.

As soon as this ground greening grows well together, special trees are inserted into the open spaces. Discussions and investigations are already underway. With this action a “Garhwal-Greening-Project” can start, which can be used as a pilot project in the whole Garhwal. This would have the consequence that the climate could change due to the greening, would bring more rain and thus also less forest fires.