New school desks for the older children

by Susanne Ganns

Meanwhile, the children of the upper school classes have grown out from the school desks. And so it was necessary to buy new ones for the older school children. Of course they were handcrafted and made of wood again.

Many thanks to all donors who made this possible.

After the holidays all school desks and chairs were brought to the playground and with great enthusiasm the children cleaned and dusted their new school desks.

And of course, everyone carries their chair and table into the classroom with pride and joy. And it was interesting what techniques the individual children developed when carrying them up.

They all had fun, it was probably more interesting than studying books!

And after the work is done, it is again so much fun to sit at the cleaned tables. According to the motto: “Now it can start, the tables are set for good and benefitial educational nutrition“.