Finkhof donates woollen pullovers

by Susanne Ganns
For many years I and also Bhagin R. Kellenberger have been big fans of Finkhof. The shepherd cooperation Finkhof is based in Arnach in the German Allgäu and was established in 1971 by a community. Since then it has been striving to preserve the cultural heritage and craft of sheep farming in a fine and exceptional way.

The variety of products in excellent natural quality bring the wool of the sheep in perspective and make it clear what gift the sheep give us humans in a benevolent way. Since May 2019 Finkhof has received for many products the label IVN certified BEST – the highest quality standard in the field of natural textiles.

We have been buying for over 15 years wool for knitting, pullovers, jackets, skins, seat cushions, blankets and mattresses from Finkhof and are absolutely satisfied with the products.

This background prompted me recently to ask the board of the shepherd cooperative for 12 pullovers for our teachers and guardians of the Nature School as a donation.

Kai Kallenberger and the whole board were pleased about this idea
and supported us with a donation of 6 pullovers for the teachers.

During the following visit in the spacious and very homely stable we were greeted joyfully by the sheep. And so I would like to introduce the “real” donors with the following pictures.

The sheep are free to roam and there is a spacious and protected nursery. As soon as we entered the stable, it was obvious that the animals feel very comfortable and well protected. Both the lambs and the ewes are trusting, curious and love to be stroked.

In addition to the teachers – for whom the Finkhof shepherd cooperative donated the sweaters – we, Bhagin R. Kellenberger and I, spontaneously decided to please also the guardians and loyal staff and donated the remaining 6 pullovers.

So we arrived in February with a big suitcase full of pullovers in India.

They were all deeply touched by this wonderful gift and so the joy, gratitude and touch was written all over their faces. And the pullovers arrived just in time for the still cool spring days.

Due to our extensive work around the Universal Center for Peace, we were not able to drive to the Nature School in March. So the school team visited us during Shivratri festivity time and we were able to hand over the pullovers.

Three more sweaters for two female teachers and one supervisor of the school were given to Rohit and as soon as the current Corona crisis situation is over and the school will open again, we will take a picture of all teachers and guardians of the school in their Finkhof pullovers and put it online.

All teachers and guardians of the Nature School send a sincere thank you
and give regards with a warm woolly Namaste.

 Susanne and Bhagin also thank very much for this wonderful natural
bow of friendship from Finkhof in the Allgäu to the Nature School in India.

If you would like to see and learn more about the work and life at the Finkhof,
you can watch a film by the German programme ARD here.