Every school day a special day

by Susanne Ganns

The first two days of school after the holidays were already full of surprises.

Planting trees, mango tree present, new school desks and many other things……

Getting to the roots

Who among us adults can still remember what our first loose teeth feels like? When you move the tooth with your tongue back and forth and it just dangles on a silky thread but still doesn’t fall out? Great experiences of the first letting go.

After the holidays a pupil came with such a shaky tooth and she told the teacher. The teacher Guldip looked understandingly into the mouth and shook the tooth a little. The girl held very still. And of a sudden it was out of there. Only then did the girl wince and get close to tears. That‘s just the way it is when you want to get rid of something and someone comes and helps you to let go, you are amazed and easily enraptured when suddenly what you wanted to get rid of is taken away from you.

But when the teacher showed her the tooth and she received it, then came an unburdend and cheerful smile.

For the cameraman Bhogin Richard everything happend very fast to catch all situations in pictures. But I found the story so bright and it reminds us adults well of our childhood and many everyday situations of letting go.

Small dogs gone really big

The dog puppies from March 2018 have already grown up and were very happy that the children were back from their holidays. They have become wonderful playmates for the children and suffer many a hearty and stormy declaration of love from the children.

Our youngest

have been fully integrated since April and enjoy going to school.
At every morning prayer they participate with a great intimacy and also have the greatest fun swinging. The higher and wilder, the better.

Visit of t he fire police

On the 2nd school day the fire police also passed by regarding the forest fire in May. With many forms, the official drew attention to the urgent need to install a sprinkler system throughout the school.

Rohit Parihar – our headmaster – politely informed the official that there is nothing getting in the way of installation if the state pays for the costs, since this school is only built and maintained with donations and if, furthermore, the authorities can guarantee the corresponding water demand in an emergency.

Daraufhin meinte der Beamte, dass dies der Staat nicht bewerkstelligen kann und wir nur für eine ausreichende Stückzahl von Feuerlöschern zu sorgen haben.

Ja Schulleben kann so interessant, vielseitig, freudig und lehrreich für alle sein.