Discover the green thumb

by Susanne Ganns
Whoever wants to harvest fruit must also prepare the ground. At the end of this year, a campaign took place in which the children prepared the soil for the coming planting season. Weeding was done, the soil was ploughed and seeds were sprinkled.

It is important for the shared sense of achievement that the children take an active part and assume responsibility. Sprinkling seeds, watering plants and harvesting vegetables are tasks that even primary school children – initially with guidance – can handle.

Practical: The little ones are in the fresh air, get to know the plants, experience the cycle of nature and are given fixed tasks. Patience and concentration are encouraged and if the children are allowed to grow the plants themselves, they get more respect for nature.

They are taught in a playful way how to bear responsibility and how to show the diversity of species.

Furthermore, a good basis for a healthy diet is created. Because children like to eat what they have sown or planted themselves and then harvested later.

The pupils take all these experiences home with them, talk about them enthusiastically and thus the views around nature also change in the families.